The extant Saint Louis Area Computer Club (SLACC) is the oldest, longest enduring, continuously meeting personal computer organization active in Greater St. Louis . Saint Louis Area Computer Club Logo


ONLINE Sessions

  • NO PHYSICAL MEETINGS until further notice.
  • ONLINE session by ZOOM remote video meeting service next on 1 August 2024.
  • Connection instructions will be first sent to our mailing lists and then linked here .
  • Configuration Workshop

  • We often hold a Configuration Workshop when nothing else more interesting comes up, or when there is no other event or activity scheduled.
  • This is a Hardware and Software Workshop where we usually configure, examine, fix, install, repair, and troubleshoot difficult hardware and software configuration problems. Usually for personal computer newcomers, and sometimes we may even be helpful with enterprise issues. Problems with Linux and other operating systems and hardware are also frequently fixed. Linux issues may predominate; however, we are hardware vendor and Operating System agnostic.
  • Linux is an Internet capable Networking Operating System that provides many fully functional applications that perform well on both older and new computers. Most Linux distributions are free or low cost, and provides an extremely reliable and cost effective alternative to high priced proprietary software.
  • For beginners and newcomers, we can evaluate your hardware and current Operating System setup. If we determine there is sufficient time, we can assist performing a complete functioning Linux installation.
  • Monthly Meetings

    We are a not-for-profit, vendor independent group. We help computer users with their new and old
    hardware issues and software configuration problems.

    We usually meet on the first Thursday of every month.

    Founded in 1976, we are a non-machine specific and non-Operating System (OS) specific users group.

    All hardware, operating systems and software are explored. New software tools are often demonstrated. This group welcomes all PC user hardware and software configuration problems because it is fun to fix them. Help with Unix, BSD, Linux, other Operating Systems and hardware problems is usually available. So, please join us at our next meeting or event for fun, knowledge and networking.

    A SLUUG Special Interest Group

  • NO PHYSICAL MEETINGS until further notice.
  • SLACC is an independent group; but, also loosely affiliated with the St. Louis Unix Users Group (SLUUG), as one of their sponsored Special Interest Groups. Under SLUUG care any room fees are paid and web page support is provided. Individual membership dues, fees or other charges are NOT required. These meetings are free, public and open to all.

    SLUUG Annual Meeting and Elections

    As was required by SLUUG By-Laws, an annual meeting was held 14 February 2024. Attending any two SLACC sponsored meeting in calendar year 2023 qualifies you to vote. Ballots for February 2024 elections are now available for secret balloting. An absentee ballot could be printed and mailed to us; but, must reach us well before 4 March 2024 for counting at STEERCOM.

  • SLUUG St. Louis Unix Users Group
  • Other independent, loosely affiliated SLUUG sponsored groups:

  • St. Louis Linux Users Group
  • Newcomer Linux Users Group
  • Possible Future Topics


  • NO PHYSICAL MEETINGS until further notice.
  • ONLINE session normally will use JITSI remote video meeting software.
  • Connection instructions to follow on this web page and our mailing lists.
  • When!

    Friday, August 1st, 2024

    from 6:30PM till 9:00PM Central Standard Time (CST) UTC-06:00

    We will open the remote session at about 6:00 PM CDT, so that you can join early to test your microphone, screen and video sharing.

    Next scheduled meeting dates

  • 2024
    • 2024-08-01 ONLINE session with ZOOM remote video service
    • 2024-09-05 ONLINE session with ZOOM remote video service
    • 2024-10-03 ONLINE session with ZOOM remote video service
  • We have been meeting continuously since 1976. Usually on first Thursday of each month.
  • SLUUG Sponsored meetings in STL Metro Area

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    Past Meetings:
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